Lemon Cheesecake £4.90
Sweet and citrusy, made with fresh mascarpone and served with vanilla ice-cream

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Cake £4.90
Indulgent and chocolatey, made with layers of chocolate sponge and fresh cream and topped with Ferrero Rocher chocolates

Tiramisu £4.90
Made the traditional way and laced with amarreto liqueur and dusted with cocoa

Honey and Brandy Creme Brulee  £5.50
Rich and creamy with caramelised crust on top

Affogato al cafe £4.90
Vanilla ice-cream topped with ammaretto liqueur and freshly ground coffee , served with Cantuncinni biscuits

Ice Cream-Chocolate, Mint, Strawberry ,Vanilla, Lemon Sorbet
1 scoop £1.70

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