2.Homemade Garlic bread topped with mozzarella cheese (V) £2.50

3.Bresaola £6.90
beef bresaola, shaved parmesan and rocket

4.Pan Fried Whitebalt £4.90
with a garlic dip and garnish

5.Calamari fritti £4.90
fried baby squid with a garlic dip and garnish

6.Salmone Gambaretti £6.90
smoked salmon,baby prawns accompanied by Mary-Rose sauce and garnish

7.King prawns £6.90
panfried with garlic,butter and lemon sauce

8.Caprese Salad (V) £5.90
mozzarella buffalo, tomato slices, basil and olive oil

9.Breaded Mozarella Buffalo (V) £5.90
served with a Napolitano dip

10.Brie Fritters with Cranberry Sauce (V) £5.90
pan fried and served with a garnish

11.Pan Fried Goats Cheese and Beetroot (V) £5.90
served with spinach and parmesan

12.Bruschetta (V) £3.90
garlic bread topped with seasoned tomato, onion and garlic

13.Fungi Ripiene (V) £5.90
baked mushrooms stuffed with onion, garlic, sundried tomato, cheeses and served with a garnish

Side Orders

14.Mixed Salad £2.90

15.Chips £1.50

16.Ceasar Salad £2.90

17.Tomato and Onion Salad £2.90

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